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I haven't really editorialized on the health care thing much in part because I don't have a level detached philosophical response to provide. That said, I'd like to put my opinion forward now.

Shut the fuck up, you fucking moron assholes. Shut up you fucking senators who already fucking have government subsidized health care that, by the way, my tax dollars are paying for. Shut up you crazy people at town hall meetings. Wipe the spittle from your mouths. If I had a way to make sure each and every one of you were without health care for a year or two, I'd do it. I'd push that button.

As an uninsured American with a number of "pre-existing conditions," whose income bracket lurks somewhere in the vicinity of the poverty line, I'd like to invite you paranoid backwards pieces of shit to seriously shut. The fuck. Up. Basically every word out of your mouth is a claim that I don't deserve to be healthy, that many of the people I love don't deserve to be healthy. Frankly, if we don't get some kind of public plan, I will be clamoring for euthanasia options for my remaining elderly relatives, because none of them will be able to afford to live in anything resembling comfort.

And by the way, I'm guessing some of you people are the ones who like to blame the unions for everything that goes wrong with our economy. Those unions are the only reason anyone has any kind of private health care, just so you know. Otherwise the hegemonic rich dudes who are encouraging you poor white trash to make so much noise at town hall meetings wouldn't have reason to give you shit.
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In some ways, I don't think it's fair to hold Bristol Palin's pregnancy up as an emblem of her mother's backwards sex-ed policy. That bump is between Bristol and her baby daddy, and I can only imagine the poor kid is already experiencing enough shame and misery without being dragged into the spotlight and held up as an indictment of willful ignorance.

But really, I despise abstinence-only education so very much, a part of me is happy to indulge in a spiteful smirk. Of all the violence inflicted upon a woman's body, the witholding of vital health information is the most reprehensible. Ignorance, lack of education, and misinformation were used to keep women subjugated for centuries already and I for one am done with that bullshit. While I myself am passionately pro-choice, I can empathize with a pro-life position; but I can't even imagine a position where you would keep girls so in the dark they haven't the tools needed to avoid that situation in the first place. Here is a piece of information that might be helpful to policy makers: teenagers are willful, and simply telling them not to do something typically does not yield great results.
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This Tuesday the 8th of July, PBS will feature The Ballad of Esequiel Hernandez, a film by my fellow Michener compatriot Kieran Fitzgerald. It's a documentary about Esequiel Hernandez, a seventeen year old American citizen who was shot by Marines in a Texas border town in 1997. None of the Marines were ever prosecuted for the crime, nor were they officially reprimanded in any way.

It's an amazing film, featuring interviews with Hernandez's family, with most of the Marines  who were involved, and with several high-ranking officials who were either involved in policy or critical of policy during the late nineties. Kieran has done a fantastic job at giving a complete and even-keeled dissection of the complexities of this tragedy. I absolutely recommend you check this one out, especially given that we're currently in process of re-militarizing our borders. Check your local PBS listings for times.
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Did anyone else catch Charlotte Allen's utterly foolish, poorly argued, insulting, backwards piece of tripe in the Washington Post?

I'm waiting to respond until I am not so blindingly furious. Right now my main rebuttals include a lot of swears. But if any of the rest of the brilliant women (or even brilliant men) on my f-list have anything to say to Ms. Allen, have at.

Coming as it does just after I've finished reading Edmund Burke and Mary Wollstonecraft, I feel like I should have something articulate to say as soon as the rage passes.
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More than a century has passed, and billions of events have transpired that are a billion times worse than what happened there, and thousands of miles rest between me and Whitechapel. Part of me worries that it's my easily titillated  playground-self that's obsessed, that there's a gross-out contest inside me satisfied by the gothic gruesomeness of the crimes. That the spooky ethos of Victorian London is what sustains me. I always have this worry: that I'm as sordid as the bluehaired women clucking their tongues over the pulpy true crime books in the check-out aisle.

But there's always something more I keep coming back to. I really do think Alan Moore got it right: those crimes ushered in the era we're standing in right now. Jack the Ripper wasn't created by some crazy nutjob who wanted to hack at prostitutes. He was created by the society around him. I'm not talking about where the responsibility lies--not saying that poor Jacky got beat by his mum and so had no choice but to cut up whores. What I'm saying is that the industry of serial murder was invented right then and there, or maybe just perfected.

The same system that created prostitution as a necessity, that failed to give women the resources they would have needed to get by, is the system that later capitalized on their respective demises. I keep thinking of Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, manufactured by Disney to be exactly what they are. And now the magazines are having a great time eviscerating them. In 1888 the newspapers were having a field day. The crime scenes were carnivals. Multiple hundreds of average, every day London citizens started writing fake Jack the Ripper letters to the police and papers. One gets the grim suspicion that only a few of these are schoolboy pranks, that the letters tapped into something a bit more sinister: an identification with the murderer, perhaps, or a slavish need to participate in what became the biggest gang-bang of the Victorian world. Let's all make a little cut.

Goodbye and goodbye and goodbye, Mary Kelly (and Catherine Eddowes and Polly Nichols and Annie Chapman and Elizabeth Stride, and all the other women who have felt the knife in some way, then and now both). One-hundred-nineteen years of goodbyes, and we're still pimping you out and cutting you up.

Last year's sonnet, not a perfect sonnet, but dusted off for the occasion:

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Hey nice try guys. But I think the intarwebs has pretty much made this a moot point, given how many "mission accomplished" macros I've seen on /b/.
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In case this particular quote slipped by you with regards to the current Gonzales scandal:

D. Kyle Sampson, who abruptly resigned as chief of staff to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on March 1, will testify that the eight federal prosecutors were fired last year because they did not sufficiently support President Bush's priorities, according to remarks prepared for delivery to Congress and obtained by the Associated Press. Sampson spoke dismissively of Democrats' condemnation of the firings as politically motivated.

"The distinction between 'political' and 'performance-related' reasons for removing a United States attorney is, in my view, largely artificial," he said. "A US attorney who is unsuccessful from a political perspective . . . is unsuccessful."

No further editorializing should be necessary on my part. If you're not a little appalled you must be a little illiterate.

Thanks to[profile] lagizma for bringing this to my attention.


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