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I haven't really editorialized on the health care thing much in part because I don't have a level detached philosophical response to provide. That said, I'd like to put my opinion forward now.

Shut the fuck up, you fucking moron assholes. Shut up you fucking senators who already fucking have government subsidized health care that, by the way, my tax dollars are paying for. Shut up you crazy people at town hall meetings. Wipe the spittle from your mouths. If I had a way to make sure each and every one of you were without health care for a year or two, I'd do it. I'd push that button.

As an uninsured American with a number of "pre-existing conditions," whose income bracket lurks somewhere in the vicinity of the poverty line, I'd like to invite you paranoid backwards pieces of shit to seriously shut. The fuck. Up. Basically every word out of your mouth is a claim that I don't deserve to be healthy, that many of the people I love don't deserve to be healthy. Frankly, if we don't get some kind of public plan, I will be clamoring for euthanasia options for my remaining elderly relatives, because none of them will be able to afford to live in anything resembling comfort.

And by the way, I'm guessing some of you people are the ones who like to blame the unions for everything that goes wrong with our economy. Those unions are the only reason anyone has any kind of private health care, just so you know. Otherwise the hegemonic rich dudes who are encouraging you poor white trash to make so much noise at town hall meetings wouldn't have reason to give you shit.
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I've gotta say, I'm pretty tired of hearing McCain's people blame Sarah Palin for losing the election.

It's not that I'm a Palin fan--obviously I'm not. And it's not that I don't think she was a factor. She might well have been. But even if it was Palin that lost the election, it was McCain's fault she was there to lose it. His camp vetted her for all of five minutes. Her nomination was a crass political maneuver, an attempt to make the GOP more appealing to women. Sarah Palin just did what she's always done: she showed up and acted like Sarah Palin. If they didn't want that, they shouldn't have tapped her for the job.

Yes, I'm glad she's being packed off to Alaska where the only people I have to hear complain about her are my parents. But it's not fair for the Republican party to blame her for their own miscalculation.
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Of course I'm bloody ecstatic.

Amidst all the celebration, I think it's worth remembering:

I believe Obama will be a fantastic leader. But he has no magic wand. He's not going to patch everything overnight. He will not be able to accomplish any of this change without us.

Stay vigilant, stay involved, stay invested. This is your democracy. It's only as healthy as you make it.
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In some ways, I don't think it's fair to hold Bristol Palin's pregnancy up as an emblem of her mother's backwards sex-ed policy. That bump is between Bristol and her baby daddy, and I can only imagine the poor kid is already experiencing enough shame and misery without being dragged into the spotlight and held up as an indictment of willful ignorance.

But really, I despise abstinence-only education so very much, a part of me is happy to indulge in a spiteful smirk. Of all the violence inflicted upon a woman's body, the witholding of vital health information is the most reprehensible. Ignorance, lack of education, and misinformation were used to keep women subjugated for centuries already and I for one am done with that bullshit. While I myself am passionately pro-choice, I can empathize with a pro-life position; but I can't even imagine a position where you would keep girls so in the dark they haven't the tools needed to avoid that situation in the first place. Here is a piece of information that might be helpful to policy makers: teenagers are willful, and simply telling them not to do something typically does not yield great results.
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Hey nice try guys. But I think the intarwebs has pretty much made this a moot point, given how many "mission accomplished" macros I've seen on /b/.
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In case this particular quote slipped by you with regards to the current Gonzales scandal:

D. Kyle Sampson, who abruptly resigned as chief of staff to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on March 1, will testify that the eight federal prosecutors were fired last year because they did not sufficiently support President Bush's priorities, according to remarks prepared for delivery to Congress and obtained by the Associated Press. Sampson spoke dismissively of Democrats' condemnation of the firings as politically motivated.

"The distinction between 'political' and 'performance-related' reasons for removing a United States attorney is, in my view, largely artificial," he said. "A US attorney who is unsuccessful from a political perspective . . . is unsuccessful."

No further editorializing should be necessary on my part. If you're not a little appalled you must be a little illiterate.

Thanks to[profile] lagizma for bringing this to my attention.

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This bit of news via [personal profile] antarcticlust (but all tasteless language my own):


During the O'Reilly factor,  Fox News reported that Mark Foley was a democrat three different times. "They report, you decide" my ass. If you "decide" to inform Bill O'Reilly what a santorum-coated dickwipe he really is, feel free at: oreilly@foxnews.com, or by calling Fox News Channel: 1-888-369-4762 or e-mailing comments@foxnews.com. Thank you, and have a pleasant day.

P.S. If you do e-mail him, you probably shouldn't use the phrase "dickwipe." Not that it's not true. Just that he'll probably disregard you if you do. I'm just sayin'.
PPS: Or go ahead and say dickwipe. It's your letter. Follow your heart.
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As a former Alaskan who left the state largely due to Stevens-eque policies (okay yes and also the soul-crushing darkness of winter), I feel perfectly justified in inviting him to smooch my shiny metallic asshole.

I don't care how much money he's bullied his way into. He is a lying and manipulative piece of shit. He just doesn't want everyone to know just how much the oil industry has been licking his balls (because we needed another fithy-mouthed metaphor in this post). But this time he might not get away with it: http://www.adn.com/news/government/story/8142068p-8034343c.html

In other good news for the state of Alaska, Murkowski lost the Republican primary. This means, hopefully 1) The democrats can get their act together and 2) Even if the Republicans win once again, there will possibly be a more tolerable person in the slot. 

Alaskan politics, by the way, are totally and completely cracked out.


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