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While playing "Moonage Daydream" on Rock Band:

[profile] drawgirl: Is this from his Ziggy Stardust period?
me: Well. Given that it's a song about gay alien sex...
[profile] drawgirl: Oh yeah.

Rock Band is a game that perfectly understands and embraces the most important parts of having a real rock band: 1) Coming up with vaguely obscene band names, and 2) Buying your rocker new cute clothes. So far our X-Box contains band names like the Bints, Bad Panty, the Barackers (that one was [community profile] junkyard's idea), the Anatomically Correct Dolls, and V-Jay D-Jay. It's also possible--even likely--that the "character creation" module has seen more use than the actual game play itself. But there are tattoos to place upon your Barbie Doll Rock Star! And like twenty hair-dos!

And yes, we have done other things besides play X-Box since [profile] drawgirl got here. We also watched a bunch of TV and played Dungeons and Dragons.
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So yesterday Hodge and I went to ACL. There was a lot of awesome that happened--like when Regina Spektor dedicated "Samson" to me and was like "This song is going out to my own sweetest downfall, you, zenithblue, near the back." And when Bryce Dessner of The National challenged me to a rock-off on stage and ended up prostrate on the floor weeping over his bloody fingers as I stood over him laughing like a mad rawk Valkyrie. The best part of the night, though, was the Decemberist's concert, where Colin Meloy stopped in the middle of "The Crane Wife 3" to point at me. "You! You look like a Portlander. Have I seen you before?" (pause) "No, surely only in my dreams. Come up here. No, come up here!" And then I stood staring into his dreamy hipster eyes and he whipped off his glasses passionately as he drew me close to kiss me. Then he whispered in my ear, "But I have a concert to get back to." Reluctantly we parted, but before I knew it I had a microphone in my hand. "Or I should say, we have a concert to get back to." So we sang the rest of the song as a beautiful duet in perfect harmony.

It's really too bad you weren't there. 

music meme

Mar. 11th, 2007 02:41 pm
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...I know, I've been doing a lot of memes lately. Sometime soon I'll have something more creative for you.

Until then, I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Via [profile] lagizma, [profile] helpimarock, [profile] blozor, et. al, I will now answer all of these questions using nothing but the song titles of one band. Predictably, my band is the Cure.

1) Are you male or female: "The Perfect Girl"
2) Describe Yourself: "Splintered in her Head"
3) How do some people feel about you: "All I Have to Do is Kill Her"
4) How do you feel about yourself: "Six Different Ways"
5) Ex boyfriends/girlfriends: "Prayers for Rain"
6) Describe current boyfriend/girlfriend/crush: "The Same Deep Water as You"
7) Describe where you want to be: "From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea"
8) How do you feel about your friends: "Close to Me"
9) Describe life: "Round & Round & Round"
10) Describe how you love: "Punish Me with Kisses"
11) What would you ask for if you had just one wish: "To Wish Impossible Things"
12) Share a few words of Wisdom: "Play for Today"
13) Now say goodbye: "Last Dance"
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Many moons ago, your zenithblue was an orchestra nerd. A cellist, to be precise, a profoundly mediocre cellist with stubby fingers and bad nerves. But in spite of my failings I was devoted to my orchestral badge, spent lunches in the music wing of the school, hid in the practice rooms during pep assemblies, etc. My friends were almost all in either band, orchestra, or choir, and we spent a lot of time drifting down the music hallway reveling in the discord.

I no longer play the cello (and probably couldn't even whip up the stamina to play a short piece, considering the tendonitis issue). But I am still, at heart, an orchestra nerd. And I know some of you are still, at heart, band geeks, choir divas, etc. Thusly do I bring you this morning's post. Enjoy, fellow nerds.

First off is this bit I lifted from [profile] kiwikat  (thank you, m'dear). Once I was in an all-cello version of Canon in D, but by that time we were all so bitter none of us even cared. If you want to know why, see below.

Next is a radio segment from NPR's Performance Today from violist Toby Appel explaining the roles of the members of the orchestra. Anyone who's spent much time near professional classical musicians knows of the ancient hatred between the clans. Bassoonists versus piccolos. Violinists versus brass. Everyone versus the conductor. But did you know that percussionists spend all their time reading girly magazines at the back of the stage? That bassists always drive cars smaller than their instruments? That trombonists are drunks but are really good bowlers? Listen and learn.

And finally I bring you what is probably my favorite moment from the Venture Brothers thus far. An imaginary cookie if you can name that tune.

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So my musical doppelganger down at the antipodes has not steered me wrong...I bought  "Begin to Hope" tonight as a comfort while I finish up the damn apps, and I'm totally in love. A shout out to [profile] infloresence for the recommendation.

It's Saturday and I'm stuck here working on my apps--I have only one full day off before I go to Alaska, and I have to get them in the mail by then, so I'm flipping out a bit. But now I have Regina keeping me company, so maybe I can get it done.
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We all know of the ancient Manichean polarity between ninja and pirates. Ninja and pirates have been mortal enemies since the dawn of the intarweb, and even today the Venn diagram of their crossing--that narrow slice of overlap between Japan and the Carribean--clatters loudly with the sounds of their weapons.

But today I found out startling news.

Portland, long a harbor to pirate bands such as the dearly departed Pirate Jenny, the now defunct Dolomites, and the beloved (may they thrive forever) Captain Bogg and Salty, is faced now with a new threat.

That's right. There's a ninja band.

I have not yet encountered this group. This is unsurprising because they are, after all, ninja. Their appearances must have been cloaked under black wing of night. Perhaps that log I encountered on a walk the other day was in fact a Fist of Dishonor member who, alterted to my presence through her superior senses, vanished before I could see her.

That said, I (admittedly a member of the opposite camp; see icon) now know their website. I will report back as soon as new intelligence is uncovered.

The next question is probably: do we need to fear ninja attack at the next Festival de Piratas?


Aug. 6th, 2006 05:11 pm
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I'm attempting to clean my room one corner at a time. Today I managed to get sidetracked by my somewhat decayed music collection. I don't think I've bought more than four or five CDs in the last five years. My  once alphabatized CD wallet is almost empty, the discs carelessly strewn about.

The real problem with me and music these days is this: historically, for me to fall in love with a band, I must listen to a CD compulsively over and over again every freaking day for a few months. I have to live and breathe that CD. I am not capable of enjoying music on a casual basis (this is sort analogous to my serial monogamy; [profile] hplovescats was supposed to be my "senior year fling." Five years later I'm still listening to that CD.)  Anyway, in college this was perfect, because in college I spent a lot of time organizing a sort of soundtrack for my existance. I'm sure we all do this a bit in college. It was easy, after hours of stifling silence in the library, to want some music.

Turns out, in the real world, between working 30-40 hours a week and trying to get my shit together, I have less time to get obsessive over music. I have enough other things to obsess about. Turns out I am more obsessive than musical (which should come as no surprise to anyone who knew me in high school orchestra). Perhaps I never liked the Cure at all; perhaps I only got off on the obsessive cultish appeal.

No, I take that back. Disintegration is the best album ever.

But anyway, my post-college life is where I've had to deal with things like anxiety attacks and overscheduled time and the existential panic of watching your life drift away on a timesheet. It's not so much that music makes me anxious, but it's that music when I don't have a chance to sink down in it and really and truly own it makes me anxious. It's like the stress of meeting someone new. If you're feeling good, it's exciting. If you're already a little high strung, it's just stressful and upsetting and you just want to go back to your own boyfriend/Robert Smith (I forget which analogy I am on).

Also: checking out CDs from the library just does not work for me. I can't fall down inside the music if it has to go back in three weeks.

Cleaning and organizing my CDs, I'm sort of interested in revamping my music a little. Which means I probably should go to Music Millennium and lay down thirty bucks or so. And then I just need to not worry about finding new bands. There's all this emphasis on finding new bands if you're remotely hip (which luckily, I am not). I don't want to find new bands. I want to find three bands I love and go completely psycho and buy all their CDs and weep when they break up and weep again when they get back together and put out an insipid weak piece of shit (yes, Bloodflowers, I'm talking to you).

Or maybe I'm feeling a little obsessive compulsive right now?


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