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Today I worked at a library branch where an inordinate number of staff members are older ladies of a let's say reserved nature.

I was in the back room checking in materials when Old Lady #1 asked me: "Do you read comic books?"

"Yeah," I said. "Some of them."

"Have you seen...oh, what's it called?" Judging by the look on her face, one of utter disgust and contempt, I could already tell what comic book she was talking about, but I didn't say anything. "The Lovely Girls? Lovely Girls?"

"Oh, you mean Lost Girls?"

Her face widened out in recognition. "Yes! Have you seen this?" Her voice a hiss, invitation to my outrage.

I grinned at her. "Actually, I own it!"

Her eyes got really big and she turned bright pink. "Oh! Oh. Oh, never mind then." I relished the moment. I could see in her face that she was embarrassed for her assumptions, but also that she was a little revolted. It would have been satisfying to leave the conversation right there, with her foot up in her mouth and her opinion of me completely tainted. But I like to think of myself as an ambassador of the obscene. I like to believe if I conduct myself with logic and humanity and kindness I can be a welcoming force to the vanillas out there who have already made up their mind. That my good behavior makes them realize they cannot force all pornophiles  and deviants and perverts and licentious sluts and rent boys and what have you into a simple little good versus evil box. So I kept the conversation going.

"I don't think the purchasers quite knew what they were getting into," I laughed. "It's not an erotic fairy tale or a story with some sex. It's porn, plain and simple." I said "porn" loud and clear. Both the Old Ladies present flinched when I said it, so I said it again louder. "Porn."

"It's not just porn," said Old Lady #2. "It's incest! Incest!"

"No," I said cheerfully. "It contains incest. The book itself is not incest. It's porn."

Old Lady #2 here left the room.

But Old Lady #1 stayed, and we had a quite civil little conversation on intellectual freedom. Because, you know, it is a little troubling that the hard core crotch-shot cum-spurting booty-licking PORN is nestled on the shelves right next to nice innocent Superman. I would rather not have small children encounter it by accident. This is not to say I think it should be pulled, by any means. Her point, which was stupid, was that the comic books were right next to the young adult books. My response of course is, "But why don't you move them?" Anyway, I don't know that I convinced her of anything or won any battles. I certainly didn't earn a Homeric  epithet ("Zenithblue, Breaker of Library Pages"), but it was a pretty satisfying little battle regardless. Ultimately, I think she'll think twice before arguing again with someone who will shamelessly and gleefully belt out the words "porn," "sex," and (OMG) "anal" without a second thought.    

I did not mention to her that my comics are in fact in the possession of one of their coworkers. The poor biddies would have felt beset by deviants.

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I actually finished it within 72 hours of cracking the Amazon box, but it's a hard thing to figure out how to review. I wanted to mull things over a bit. Also I couldn't exactly do the write up at work, since I didn't exactly want to have a full color crotch-shot sitting at the front desk of a county office building.

Okay: so, no promises on the coherency front. Here we go.

general thoughts on lost girls )
Okay...the boyfriend needs his computer, so I'm going to post. I loved Lost Girls. I thought it to be brilliant. Beautiful art. And a beautiful reclamation of pornography from the dregs it usually rests in. An insightful, smart reclamation of sex as a part of the human experience. I'll refrain from putting my more personal reaction here but I will say in general I had a very visceral, in some cases emotional reaction to a lot of the book--I'm sure no one needs the details.

Also: Wendy gets a spanking. And she deserves it.

If anyone wants more detail about the different stories and how they unfold, I'd be happy to provide more info--I don't want to ruin anything for anyone, if you're worried about plot spoilers, but there is a ton to say about the three women and their roles and their stories. Maybe that will be a post later this week.


Sep. 12th, 2006 08:23 pm
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Dude, Laura Palmer was on House tonight! Sheryl Lee, last seen wrapped in plastic, got to play one of those ubiquitous frowning concerned loved ones necessary to any hospital drama. It was kind of weird to hear her voice pitched like a mom, and not like a cutesie little David-Lynch dirty innocent. But I'm glad girlfriend's got work.

In other news, I came home to a very heavy Amazon box on my doorstep. Guess what it was?

That's right. The heaviest--literally and metaphorically--porn in existance. Woot.

Further reports to follow.
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So I was going to be a good little consumer and shell out the full $75 to purchase Lost Girls from the local comic store. After calling around town, it quickly became apparent that every comic store and book store in the Portland area is sold out already. The damn thing came out this week and it's already sold out (apparently it's well into its 2nd printing already).

So to hell with them. I ordered it on Amazon. It'll be here within 3-5 business days.

3-5 long, sulky business days.

But that's all right, because I have the Zogg to keep me occupied. One must be ever-vigilant against the Zogg, as evidenced by My First Little Golden Book of Zogg. Read it and weep, hu-mann.

And almost as good as the highly literate philosophical pornography I am waiting to arrive in the mail are these Weight Watcher's recipe cards from circa 1974. Because everyone has to see the "fluffy mackeral pudding" to believe it.

And last, but certainly not least, I bring you either the obsessive-compulsive's fondest dream, or the obsessive-compulsive's worst nightmare. Via [profile] johnnybrainwash, experience the terrible siren call of online bubble wrap. I spent more of my day than I care to admit playing with this one.

Right, so that should get us through the afternoon.

lost girls

Aug. 2nd, 2006 10:55 am
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What, so you say I will soon have a comic book in my hot little hands that is 1) about Barrie's Wendy, Carroll's Alice, and Baum's Dorothy, 2) high class literary/artistic pornography, 3) illustrated by Melinda fucking Gebbie, and 4) written by Alan fucking Moore?

Literary, intelligent pornography? That is smart and hot and (from what I've heard) incredibly compassionate and humanizing?

Bliss bliss bliss!

I have been waiting for this damn book to be released for like a year.  It is supposed to be released in the vicinity of early September, but Alan Moore has abused me this way before, so I'm not holding my breath. But here, if anyone is gnawing their knuckles the way I am, is an Interview.



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