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Yesterday you got the doggerson, but I know what you all are really hanging around here for.
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Finally! Finally, for the first time in the nine months that we have had Bodhi, for the first time in nine months of yowling and hissing and strife, the boys were able to share the bed with me in it!

They mostly get along by now  (with a few bumps here and there)--Bodhi is a very dominant cat, and Jack is a momma's boy only child who doesn't get how to follow kitty rules, and so I think they've just had an awful lot of misunderstandings. Jack I raised from a kitten; Bodhi was my two-year old shelter boy. Bodhi is also dreadfully codependent towards me and needs love all the time. He spends a lot of time chasing Jack off from getting attention.

Anyway, they've worked most of this strife out, except for: the bed. The bed, with Mom in it, was the last bit of territory that  both of them would fight over. Jack starts yowling as soon as Bodhi sets paw one on the mattress. I've had to put Bodhi in the garage a lot of nights because he'll come and sit and stare at Jack trying to intimidate him away, and Jack has been so bullied in other parts of his life I just can't bear to shut him away. It's only when I'm in it, too, so it's obviously the Mom-time they're working out. It's made for some very sleepless and unpleasant nights.

But finally, last night, I woke up to find Jack curled up against my back, and Bodhi curled up against my legs, and everyone quiet and peaceful and happy (except [profile] hplovescats, whose snoring I should after five years be used to).  Success! Kitty love! Hoohaa! What a great night.
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This morning the door leading to the garage got left open, so when I was about to take off for work I went looking out there for Jack (who does not get a stupid nickname because he is a cat and has no privacy to protect). Jack likes playing a game first thing in the morning (he particularly loves it when I am already late) whereby he hides in the garage, and I come out calling his name and he gets very still and quiet. It's the only time that cat is stealthy. Anyway, for those of you who haven't had the privelege of seeing my garage, it is filled with a haphazard pile of cardboard boxes on one side, and all the household's excess books, outdoor equipment, laundry, junk, and offal on the other side, so there are many, many places for a small cat to hide. Today I was throwing boxes around trying to uncover him, when I looked up toward the one window in the garage. This window is covered with gauzy white curtains, and the pallid light of a cloudy morning was filtering through. A pair of small devil horns (shaped the way you'd imagine, say, cat ears poking against sheer fabric to be shaped) protruded against the gauze, and a saucer-sized set of yellow-green eyes glared through, and for a brief moment I got to entertain the fantasy that I was the proud mommy of a super-cute, anime-style baby demon. 

Me: Oooh! I always wanted a baby demon!

Jack: Huh?

Me: So cute with the little horns! I bet his horrible fur is soft and silky!

Jack: Fear me!

Me: I will feed him on a diet of human souls and smooches! (Grabbing the baby demon off the window and snorgling him) 

Jack: No! No! Fear, I said! Fear me, woman! I will suck your soul through your nostrils while you sleep!

Me: Now let's go cut baby's nails and have a cookie, shall we?

Jack: Did someone say cookie?

See, I warned you that I would discuss my cats. You were warned.


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